Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer = Work, Workingout, Hanging with friends, Trips, and FISHING!

Hello!! Miss me? haha dumb question, who hasn't?! Anyyywezzz. I'm done with all the graduation shitz and now into summer!  These past couple months I've really gotten into fishing with a teacher from my school who also was in charge of my Bass Fishing Club, Coach Melancon (he also the soccer coach).  We have mainly fished lake Ray Hubbard and Roulette Creek.  IT HAS BEEN AWESOME!! I love Bass Fishing and it is def one of my new favorite things to do.  We don't own a boat though but what we fish out of are our Kayaks.  He has a nice one he's had for about 14 years and I use an inflatable one my mom got us a while back (to take out on White Rock Lake).  The inflatable one actually has been working amazingly and SO FAR has not popped or anything even though it has had chances too it's pretty strong.   I've been fishing with Ugly Stick Ultra Lights, a 7' Flugger Spinning reel, and a Baitcaster reel.  I've used everything from small spinners, plastic worms, crankbaits, and lip-less crakbaits, also shad imitations and other stuff.  This past week I went three times getting up at 4 to be out on the lake by 5.  I don't care how early I have to get up, I love to fish and it's so much fun.  I've caught Largemouth Bass, Striped Bass, Blue Gill, Crappie, and i think some Black bass.  This Sunday though we are going to try ourselves some top water frog fishing (using these lures that look like frogs) to hopefully catch some nice Largemouth or w/e wants them.  We will be using Braided line on Baitcasters.  I CANNOT WAIT!! I'll post how it goes and hopefully pics of what I catch but here are some pics of what i caught in the past week.  The biggest was I think a 2 lb-er but idk fosho what it was.  The Bayview Marina is where these were caught.  And remember I was usually using an Ultra light rod with pretty small shad imitation so nothing is HUGE but a ton of fun to do and catch.     

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I'M BACK!! I think haha

HEY!!! haven't posted in a long time and i'm sorry! Lot going on as a Senior (High School).  But I'm huge into Bodybuilding right now and getting certified as a Personal Trainer. Here are some AMAZING videos with some sweet songs for motivation.


CHECK THEM OUT!  here are the songs they use


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Basshunter Concert Videos

HELLO!  I have finally uploaded some of my Zero Gravity Club Basshunter Concert Videos to youtube and HERE they are, JUST FOR YOU!  My Followers!! and a couple of my friends =P.  And a special girl, ohhh lala ;)  BECAUSE REALLY, My Life Is Kugy (MLIK)

I <3 Kugy!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I will upload and post more soon!

The pic above is BASSHUNTER and me.  He was talking so his face look lil weird! He was also pretty gone by this point haha.

HEY!! Little update! We did go to the concert! Had a huge adventure getting there starting with leaving school at 2 on Thursday and me driving 4 hrs to Houston to try to make a flight at 7:50pm that was sold out that we made but didn't get on cuz there wasn't enough room.  Then staying at Adam's uncle's house and getting up at 3 for the airport that opened at 4 and trying to get on the 6:15 flight to Chicago that was sold out that we BARELY made with 2 min. left because the nice man was able to give us boarding passes cuz he deleted 4 other people who already had tickets but didn't show up yet because of long security lines! SO I will upload vids to youtube and put links here and tell the story! I also vlogged a little on the way and when I edit that I will put it up!! SEE YOU SOON because really, My Life Is Kugy (MLIK)

I <3 Kugy!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

I'm BACK! sort of haha

Hey peoples!
I know you have missed Kugy posting and so have I, but after my friend passing and my musical just ending I have been REALLY busy going to school at 8am getting home around 11pm so yeah, lot of work.  But I'm done with musical now and now it is time to go late nights for my school's play of Dracula that I will be appearing in.  So that shall be a fun journey but my HUGE news to you is MY TRIP TO CHICAGO TO SEE BASSHUNTER!! I will be leaving Thursday after school with my two friends Yuri and Adam (his blog is and we are flying SOUTHWEST for free basically because my sister works for them and I get a companion pass and they get buddy passes and only have to pay my sis $20 for them.  It is standby but we found some good open flights.  We will be returning monday and the concert is Friday night like it says on the poster.  I CANNOT WAIT I LOVE HIM SO MUCH! and hopefully will be meeting him and getting pics and autographs! Here are some of his songs that I first heard about 4 years ago and still love to this day!!
and this one is newer but i like it
Because really, My Life Is Kugy (MLIK)

I <3 Kugy!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

RIP Chase Gaddy

Hey, on Wednesday, February 23, 2011, my good friend, my teammate, my powerlifting friend, my classmate, and one of my role models died.  His name is Chase Gaddy and he was in a motorcycle accident on Wednesday night.  Chase was a year ahead of me in school and a Freshman at Austin College in Sherman Texas.  I love and miss Chase so much.  It has been a really fucking hard week for me and for all his family and friends.  He was one of the ones who inspired me to start lifting and working out so much more.  He was an AMAZING powerlifter, football player, and diver.   At powerlifting meets i would try to help him as much as I could with helping him get in and out of his bench shirt or just being there for him when he was going for his lift.  At football practice he was a linebacker and I was a lineman and we would fight sometimes but that is just because we both had that destroy mentality.  Ill leave a video of him doing some of his amazing powerlifting lifts and some pics.  But damn, I miss him so much! I love you Chase, you will always mean more to me than you ever knew.    

 I <3 Kugy, and Chase!!

Monday, February 21, 2011


I am getting some Irish music songs right now and here is what I just got.  I love the Pogues and Flogging Molly but I need MORE!! Please give me song good Irish Music! Represent Ireland! becasue really, My Life Is Kugy (MLIK)

Just a few! give me moar!

I <3 Kugy!!