Monday, March 7, 2011

I'm BACK! sort of haha

Hey peoples!
I know you have missed Kugy posting and so have I, but after my friend passing and my musical just ending I have been REALLY busy going to school at 8am getting home around 11pm so yeah, lot of work.  But I'm done with musical now and now it is time to go late nights for my school's play of Dracula that I will be appearing in.  So that shall be a fun journey but my HUGE news to you is MY TRIP TO CHICAGO TO SEE BASSHUNTER!! I will be leaving Thursday after school with my two friends Yuri and Adam (his blog is and we are flying SOUTHWEST for free basically because my sister works for them and I get a companion pass and they get buddy passes and only have to pay my sis $20 for them.  It is standby but we found some good open flights.  We will be returning monday and the concert is Friday night like it says on the poster.  I CANNOT WAIT I LOVE HIM SO MUCH! and hopefully will be meeting him and getting pics and autographs! Here are some of his songs that I first heard about 4 years ago and still love to this day!!
and this one is newer but i like it
Because really, My Life Is Kugy (MLIK)

I <3 Kugy!!


  1. Awesome, that should be a lot of fun!
    That's a killer deal on flight tickets too!

  2. Dota is the most hilarious song ever, and I love-hate Basshunter for it.

  3. I really love basshunter... try the song ''camilla'' also!

  4. I didn't go to it but there was a rave in Seattle with Basshunter and he was booed off stage because his lip syncing was off. Too pop trancy for me as well but I love playing Dota haha. That song is hilarious

  5. Haha Basshunter's Dota, almost a classic :D

  6. Looks like you had an epic time!