Saturday, February 26, 2011

RIP Chase Gaddy

Hey, on Wednesday, February 23, 2011, my good friend, my teammate, my powerlifting friend, my classmate, and one of my role models died.  His name is Chase Gaddy and he was in a motorcycle accident on Wednesday night.  Chase was a year ahead of me in school and a Freshman at Austin College in Sherman Texas.  I love and miss Chase so much.  It has been a really fucking hard week for me and for all his family and friends.  He was one of the ones who inspired me to start lifting and working out so much more.  He was an AMAZING powerlifter, football player, and diver.   At powerlifting meets i would try to help him as much as I could with helping him get in and out of his bench shirt or just being there for him when he was going for his lift.  At football practice he was a linebacker and I was a lineman and we would fight sometimes but that is just because we both had that destroy mentality.  Ill leave a video of him doing some of his amazing powerlifting lifts and some pics.  But damn, I miss him so much! I love you Chase, you will always mean more to me than you ever knew.    

 I <3 Kugy, and Chase!!

Monday, February 21, 2011


I am getting some Irish music songs right now and here is what I just got.  I love the Pogues and Flogging Molly but I need MORE!! Please give me song good Irish Music! Represent Ireland! becasue really, My Life Is Kugy (MLIK)

Just a few! give me moar!

I <3 Kugy!!


Hey brews,
Sorry I haven't had any posts in a couple of days.  I had a LONG weekend.  Friday was my school Sadies but I didn't go (no ones goes only like 20 people went out of 1100 HAHAHAHAHA) I just dressed up, took pics, went to dinner, and then PARTIED after!  It was a pretty chill party, on the way back to the house I was staying at I had to ride in the trunk (it was like a jeep thing so the trunk was like not an enclosed area so it was all good) and that was fun.  Then I had to get up at 7 after going to bed at 4 for a Musical rehearsal which lasted from 8-5.  I then came home and slept about 12 hours because Thursday night I didn't really sleep and then Friday night I got three hours of sleep, so I needed it.  I then got up this morning and had a dress rehearsal from 8-3.  I then came home and chilled for about a couple of hours then went to workout and just got back from working out.  Today was Chest day so that was fun.  It's just been a long 4 day weekend.  The pic on top is the Musical I am in at my school.  I play the role of Rocky, one of the baseball players but it is a lot of fun.  He is not a lead but I do have some singing solo's and quite a few of lines so I love it.  It is my first musical but I have been acting since I was a little kid.  I've done many plays, some of them are Frankenstein last year where I was the Creature, Hay Fever the year before, I was the father, and this year is Dracula, I am the attendant, Butterworth.  I took classes at Dallas Children Theatre a while back in grade school.  I do plan on acting for the rest of my life, but not for a career.  I am also a Football Player and have been for about 9 years but I will post about my football career and stuff another time.          

My Question for Y'all is, WHAT PLAYS OR MUSICALS HAVE YOU DONE?!  Apart from bodybuilding, football, powerlifting, and video games.  I love the Theatre! So tell me what you have done and what role you played! =)  because really, My Life Is Kugy (MLIK).

I <3 Kugy!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Workout Music, What do you listen to?

Hey bros and brews! I got back about a hour ago from working out!  Today was BACK and a lil chest and calf day.  So did a lot of different lat pull downs, wide grip and close grip, lat rows, wide and close, underhand lat pull downs.  Barbell Lat Rows, dumbbell lat rows, one had at a time.  Calf raises, bench with a rolled up towel on my chest only going to the towel.  Straight leg dead lifts.  Back extensions and some other stuff that I can't really remember right now, oh some chin ups with a lil assist haha. 

BUT ANYWAY now to the point of this post.  I have a workout play list on my itouch that I usually listen to when I workout.  It's mainly some metal, rock, rap, and a bunch of random things that get me PUMPED!! A big part of lifting weights and bodybuilding is the music and the mental attitude you are in when you lift.  So here are some of the songs that I listen to when I workout.

I know where you can download that song above for free just leave a comment if you want it.
One of the BEST ones to workout too ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
hahah gotta love some Lamb Of God
and now one more good one
Aight well those are just some of the songs that I listen to when I workout.  I am REALLY!! interested in what YOU listen to when you wanna get pumped up or workout! Leave a comment telling me!!
My Life Is Kugy (MLIK)

I <3 Kugy!! 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday Arms

FEEL THE PUMP!! Hey guys and girls! Just got back from working out a little while ago!  The picture you see above contains my Strength Training Anatomy book and the pills I talked about in my last post.  If you want to hear more about the pills (I take one with every meal) read some of the last post or ask.  But the book above is AMAZING!! I got it off Amazon about two weeks ago and I absolutely adore it!  I would go around school and show people it that I knew would like it and I said something that I never thought I would say, "Bro, look at this amazing book I got!"  It combines an Anatomy book with a strength and conditioning book.  It shows what muscles you work during different lifts, how to preform them properly, and certain injuries that can occur when doing certain lifts.  If you haven't realized by know (or didn't read my other posts) I want to be a personal trainer and after college go into Physical Therapy.  This book has honestly about changed my life in how I look at every exercise I do while I workout.  It is also helping me write my workout plan because you should never just go to the gym and do random workouts.  You should write down everything you do because it will help you see how much you have improved from week to week and help you remember everything you need to get done in that day.
ANYWAYS! Today was my BICEP day, some shoulders, and ABS.  OH, and forearms of course!  The picture above is just a little look into what I use on my bench and back day.  The two red things on the left are my wrist wraps.  I use those during very heavy bench workouts.  Usually on the last two or three sets when I go real heavy.  They are AMAZING! I wish I had my old powerlifting bench shirt (school owns it, I can't powerlift anymore because of my knees) but these things help out so much also.  The two things on the right are my wrist straps.  I use those on my back day when I do a ton of Lats and basically work all of my back.  I will also use them for shrugs, gotta get them huge traps like Kugy! =P  They are actually really important to use when you do a lot of back workouts because they allow you to not focus so much on holding onto the bar, which trigers more of your biceps to come into play, and you can focus more on pulling the bar to your chest.  It helps you focus on the lats way better.  I use the straps during lat pull downs, lat rows, barbell rows, shrugs, and much much more!  It also, like the wraps, help stabilize your writs.  So if you have any questions about either of those things, just ask me.  OHHH and if you are wondering when the hell I do my cardio.  The answer is that I will normally do it at least 3 times a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but I cannot do any cardio at this time because my leg is still messed up from when I fell playing hockey in my friends back yard when we had that huge snow storm in Texas.  Yes, it was huge for us, we missed 4 days in a row.
Well I gotta go take a shower because I sweated my ass off today.  Because really, My Life Is Kugy (MLIK)

I <3 Kugy!!  

Monday, February 14, 2011

This is a lil glimpse of Kugy

I just got back from working out (I ususally go earlier in the day like after school but had to wait for my bro to help his gf, Olivia, with some homework) and this is what I usually take after my workouts.  It is just your basic 100% Whey protein like it says.  The lil container next to it is basic A-AKG Powder.  It is an amino acid that your body already produces naturally so this is just a lil boost, not like creatine that can mess the body up.  It helps blood flow and other things to the muscles that are being used.  Gives you that little extra "pump" while working out.  I will usually take one scoop of it with 4 oz. of water before a workout.  If you did not realize I am very big into nutrition and health and working out.  I am working on becoming a personal trainer at this point and during college I will do that while I study to become a Physical Therapist.  The lunchbox on top of it all is the lunchbox i take to school everyday.  Why? Because I am Kugy and I can. Why not?  In it are my Tonalin 1000 CLA pills. (forgot to add it in picture).  I take one with every meal.  What they do is kinda hard to explain but they help with body fat and as you intake food to help convert it to protein and energy rather than store it all as fat. 

I workout at LA Fitness.  Today was chest and some triceps.  We were not able to workout for too long because it V-Day.  I am working on making a very detailed workout for myself and brother (His name is Colin and he is 23, Kugy (me) is 18).  I just recently got this amazing book that incorporates an Anatomy Book with an Exercise book but I'll post and talk about that another time.  But if anyone is interested in my workout I will be making or needs any help improving anything just let me know.  Because really, My Life Is Kugy (MLIK)

I <3 Kugy!!     

Love this movie and All Kevin Smith does

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back!  I don't know about y'all but I LOVE this movie! Watched it last night and all the special features!  It is so hilarious! I honestly love everything that these two are in and I love Kevin Smith's movies.  Clerks II and Dogma are some of my favorite!  If you have not seen these movies yet, GO SEE THEM! Tell me what you think about them if you have! Sorry this post is so short but I gotta go workout soon!  Gotta get jacked! Because really, My Life Is Kugy (MLIK) =)

I <3 Kugy!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I hate the number 13....

So Today is February 13, 2011, and I HATE!! the number 13.  It is a horrible number that should be eradicated from everything forever.  That is why I will not be posting anything today because I just don't trust the number.  So that will be all.... See you tomorrow!!  So basically I guess I have Triskaidekaphobia.

I <3 Kugy!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A lil side story for you

I will hopefully be attending this amazing event on March 11th in a town right outside of Chicago.  He is coming to Dallas but I will be preforming in my school musical "Damn Yankees".  If I do go I will be meeting Basshunter, getting pics (for you of course) and autographs.  Yes, you JUST learned something NEW about Kugy, I Love the Theatre and acting and singing! I also Love sports, and working out.  I have many Loves which you will find out if you follow me on my journey.  Because really, My Life Is Kugy.

I <3 Kugy!!

This is Stephen Swart

This is Stephen Swart!! He goes to Kugy's School.  That is Kugy (Me for all the smart ones who can't keep up) hangin all over SWART!!! Just wanted to let you know some of the sweet people in Kugy's life. Two other friends and myself, Adam and Jacob, will be facing Swart and three of his friends in a Gears Of War tournament soon.  The winner: A date with Stephen.  Oh and something you should know about Kugy, I Love video games, Love the Xbox 360, and will take you on on mostly any game.  My main games are, Halo, Call of Duty, and Gears of War.  Also Guitar Hero and many others.  But at the moment I am really into Gears of War, I Love and own sniping!

I <3 Kugy!!

My name is Kugy and I know you Love me

So this is my first  blog ever, I decided that the world needs to know about Kugy.  If you know Kugy already, I know you Love me.  Everyone Loves Kugy (except maybe some guys who get jealous and are insecure about themselves especially when I am around their girlfriends).  One thing I know, ALL GIRLS Love Kugy.  Honestly, I am not conceited, I just Love how amazing I am. =)

But ANYWAY!! My life is Kugy. To fill you in on my current situation it is, to get jacked and a body you can "LUST" over (I'm already there I just want to get bigger and better), to become a personal trainer, and to get tuition exchange to Regis University in Denver, Colorado.  I will be providing you with other aspects of my life later on.  Stay tuned because, well, My Life Is Kugy, and nothing gets better than this! =)

Oh Yes, I am a Ginger, but not like most Gingers, I actually don't like many of them cuz they give me a bad rep, but I still am one. The best one, I'm my own race tho, Kugy.

I <3 Kugy!!