Sunday, February 13, 2011

I hate the number 13....

So Today is February 13, 2011, and I HATE!! the number 13.  It is a horrible number that should be eradicated from everything forever.  That is why I will not be posting anything today because I just don't trust the number.  So that will be all.... See you tomorrow!!  So basically I guess I have Triskaidekaphobia.

I <3 Kugy!!


  1. I always thought indians and asians are paranoid about supersitious but the elevators with missing 13 proves me wrong.
    I thought maybe like using uppercase N and R in the middle of words to skip 13 is culture or maybe 13 is the floor where all the vault and secret stash are kept,but when I came to know real reason- ahhhhhh
    No wonder psychics and tarot reader make a better living here:)

  2. I'm not posting today either, but that's just because I'm lazy.

  3. haha you one of them lucky #13 guys? its all good, i just hate it