Saturday, February 12, 2011

A lil side story for you

I will hopefully be attending this amazing event on March 11th in a town right outside of Chicago.  He is coming to Dallas but I will be preforming in my school musical "Damn Yankees".  If I do go I will be meeting Basshunter, getting pics (for you of course) and autographs.  Yes, you JUST learned something NEW about Kugy, I Love the Theatre and acting and singing! I also Love sports, and working out.  I have many Loves which you will find out if you follow me on my journey.  Because really, My Life Is Kugy.

I <3 Kugy!!


  1. sounds like a superstition instilled in you by a football coach?

  2. wrong post... you meant the one about the number 13 and no i hated it WAYYY before BL